The Diet-Free Life: 3-Day Program by Tamara Kellam

The Diet-Free Life: 3-Day Program

Eat with peace, purpose, and freedom.

End the struggle.

In this course you will identify which type of dieter you are, what the root of your dieting patterns are, and principles for breaking free.

What's included?

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Course Welcome
Course Intro & Background
End Chronic Dieting.mp4
17 mins
Day 1: Freedom
Eat Whatever You Want
Releasing All or Nothing Dieting Narratives.pdf
123 KB
Day 2: Purpose
The Dieter's Privilege
Mindful Eating
420 KB
Day 3: Peace
Stop Making it About Your Weight
Creating a Healthy Body Identity.pdf
136 KB
Additional Resources
Eat What You Love, Love What You Eat Book Series

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