The F.I.T. Code - Mind & Body Transformation Program by Tamara Kellam

The F.I.T. Code - Mind & Body Transformation Program

Be Focused, Inspired, and Transformed.

The journey of transformation begins inside of you.

When it comes to adopting new health habits, we tend to address behaviors rather than the underlying beliefs and attitudes underlying the behavior.  The F.I.T. Code is a groundbreaking program designed to help you delve into your core values, beliefs, attitudes, desires and fears regarding health, fitness, and wellness.  The tools included are meant to guide you towards life-long inspiration and change.

What's included?

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Course Intro
Course Context and My Story
Lesson 1: Conscious Goal Setting
Section Intro: Motivation, Values & Context
Vision Alignment Worksheet.pdf
114 KB
SMART Goals, Refined
Goal-Setting: Process Versus Outcome Goals
Get the Support of Your Subconscious Mind
Is Hitting Bottom Necessary.pdf
143 KB
Worthy of Success Exercise.pdf
16.1 KB
Heart Map Values.pdf
17.9 KB
Internal Fitspiration: Let Your Vision Guide You
Lesson 2: Establishing a Basis for Change
Transformation Through Acceptance
Establishing an Identity of Worthiness
Taking 100% Responsibility
5 Stages of Change READIness.pdf
110 KB
Overcoming Resistance to Change
Freedom from Resistance
Lesson 3: Cultivating a Winning Mindset
Success is not a Destination
I Learn from Failure Exercise.pdf
43 KB
Exercise: A Different Type of Strength Training
Self Talk.pdf
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Creating a Healthy Body Identity.pdf
136 KB
Releasing Shame Exercise.pdf
42.3 KB
Lesson 4: B.O.S.S. Up -- Overcome barriers, obstacles, setbacks and sabotage.
Commitment: Consistency Versus Perfection
Identify Common Obstacles.pdf
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BOSS Up Exercise.pdf
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Coping Strategies.pdf
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Course Extras
3 Strategies for Cultivating Self-Discipline
Nutrition and Brain Health
Gut Bacteria and Health
Your Brain on Exercise: The Neuroscience Behind a Good Workout

About My Body My Vision

My Body My Vision is a body-positive fitness and health coaching company inspiring people to realize their vision of health and fitness through holistic wellness practices.  Our courses and workshops provide participants with tools for creating a rewarding experience around health and fitness.  This includes strategies for cultivating a healthy relationship with food, practicing and sustaining desirable lifestyle habits, and most importantly, fostering a positive self-image.