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Fitness Fundamentals

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Personalized Meal Plan

The F.I.T. Code - Mind & Body Transformation Program

The Science of Fat Loss: Macronutrient Basics, Carbs, and Insulin

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Sheri's Testimony

“Working with Tamara has not only transformed my body, it has also transformed my way of thinking.  Her approach has educated and
motivated me to sustain a 40‐pound weight loss. There’s no one I’d rather work with. I have been able to truly love my body because of her. She’s the best of the best!” Sheri A. in New York

About My Body My Vision

My Body My Vision is a body-positive fitness and health coaching company inspiring people to realize their vision of health and fitness through holistic wellness practices.  Our courses and workshops provide participants with tools for creating a rewarding experience around health and fitness.  This includes strategies for cultivating a healthy relationship with food, practicing and sustaining desirable lifestyle habits, and most importantly, fostering a positive self-image.