Hi, I'm Tamara, founder of My Body My Vision.  I've been creating and teaching life-changing wellness courses for over five years.  I'm really excited to be able to host my content online via The F.I.T. Code Academy, making it accessible to people all over the world!

As a Transformational Wellness Coach, I use integrative wellness practices to provide clients with the tools to achieve their desired results. I'm a Certified Women’s Fitness Specialist,  Personal Trainer, Behavior Change Specialist, and Group Exercise Leader who lost over 100 pounds through diet, exercise, and a transformed outlook on life.

Online Courses

The Diet-Free Life: 3-Day Program


Personalized Meal Plan

About My Body My Vision

My Body My Vision is a body-positive fitness and health coaching company inspiring people to realize their vision of health and fitness through holistic wellness practices.  Our courses and workshops provide participants with tools for creating a rewarding experience around health and fitness.  This includes strategies for cultivating a healthy relationship with food, practicing and sustaining desirable lifestyle habits, and most importantly, fostering a positive self-image.

What are clients saying?

Working with Tamara has not only transformed my body, it has also transformed my way of thinking. Her approach has educated and motivated me to sustain a 40‐pound weight loss.
Sheri A., New York, NY

More Testimonials

Tamara has shown me that [...] overall lifestyle alterations are the key to long-term good health and changes in weight.
Sherry T., Harlem, NY
[...] it’s about YOUR body and YOUR vision.  I was empowered to meet my goals – not just for diet or exercise, but for life.  
LaVonda B., Washington, D.C.
I am happy to say due to Tamara’s coaching I have been able to maintain the body of my choice.
Tiffany Y., Bronx, NY